Latifah - The name stands for a special understanding of the Orient.


For years she has been enchanting her audience by vivacity and charming sensuousness.

Experienced by many years in shows on stage not only without but also with orchestra she has become a very popular and powerful solo-dancer of Oriental dance. Her brilliant way of dancing and her passionate understanding of the Arabic Music make her look like a “Diva of Oriental Dance” in her shows.


She is very enthusiastic about “Raqs Sharqi”. She prefers the Egyptian Style she got to know in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. She performs this sort of style with much elegance and passion. Thanks to some widely known teachers at home and abroad (like Mahmud Reda, Momo Kadous, Mohammed Khalil, Prof. Hassan Khalil and Walid Kadous) she was able to refine her Egyptian style of dancing an enrich her wide dancing-repertoire such folk-dances from Egypt, the Emirates and the Middle east. Moreover a thorough education and further studies in classical Ballet up to now has been acting as an antipode to the oriental Dance.


Her work as a dancer carried her through all of Germany, the neighbouring countries, Cairo (Egypt) and the Emirates.

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